Franco Bifo – Irony Cynicism and Coming Insurrection

Bifo lectures during In-presentables in Madrid. One of those phenomenal moments that only Bifo can produce. A classic political orator style, free style hands on – thinking with the audience and without a moments doubt.

Franco Bifo @ In-presentables Madrid 15 June ’11 (mp3 29 mB)

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Mark Frisher: Capitalist Realism

Steven referred to this fresh book from Zero Books written by the music sort of scholar Mark Fisher also known as K-punk…

Mark Fisher: Capitalist Realism

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Steven Shaviro Texts Stuff and Magic

Check out some awesome writes by Steven Shaviro

Steven Shaviro: The Actual Vulcano, Whitehead, Harman, and the Problem of Relations

This text was published in the anthology “The Speculative Turn” published 2011.

Steven Shaviro: The “Bitterness Necessity” of Debt: Neoliberal Finance and the Society of Control

This text is based on a talk given by Shaviro May 2010, starting with Delueze notion of control society to pose some questions to our present political situation.

Steven Shaviro: The Universe of Things

Steven Shaviro goes down on sci-fi and takes up a battle with Graham Harman, one of the top of the food chain speculative realists.

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Stefano Harney Seminar @ PAF – Day One and Texts

Some texts etc references in the Stefano Harney seminar at PAF.

Andrew Ross: The Rise of The Global University

A short or not so short text by Eyal Weismann on the use of Deleuzian/Guattarian strategies in warfare.

Eyal Weismann: Lethal Theory

We are like the Jesuit order. We attempt to teach and train soldiers
to think. . . . We read Christopher Alexander (can you imagine?).
We read John Forester, and other architects. We are reading
Gregory Bateson, we are reading Clifford Geertz. Not just myself,
but our soldiers, our generals are reflecting on these kinds of
materials. We have established a school and developed a curriculum
that trains “operational architects”. – – Shimon Naveh

One of the classical texts by Mario Troni, from 1972 opening for autonomous Marxism.

Mario Tronti: Struggle Against Labour

– – Day 1 Session 2 – –

Rosie Braidotti: Bio-power and Necro-politics

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Stefano Harney – reading for seminar 5 – 8 April ’11

Further texts to dig into before we start the Stefano Harney seminar tomorrow, 15.00 – 20.00

Stefano Harney: A divertissement on the financial crisis: we’ve been speculating

Stefano Harney and Fred Moten: The University and the Undercommons: Seven Theses

Stefano Harney: Why Is Management a Clichè

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Guattari: Towards A Micro-politics Of Desire

Felix Guattari: Towards a Micro-politics of Desire

Felix Guattari: On The Production of Subjectivity

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Raimundas Seminar on Hoax, Hypnosis and Mystical Existences

Here we collect a few references, links, texts etc from the seminar with Raimundas Malasauskas as PAF 2 – 4 April 2011.

Check out the wikipedia post on John Fare

here the John Fare Estate webpage

And here a text by Malasauskas on Fare’s work: The Scandal of The Missing Body (Parts)

Edgar Allen Poe: The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether

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